Thursday, November 29, 2012

Spain Rodriguez

I was always such a fan of Spain Rodriguez who was one of the greatest independent "underground" comic illustrators of the classic age. He was always more hard edge, realistically urban and downright  gritty political than any of his contemporaries. I still have a dog eared decaying collection of his work packed in boxes in my attic. Frankly, I don't like even opening the boxes because of the fragile nature of newsprint. I suppose it reminds me of my own fragility and the passing of Spain yesterday at age 72 after a 6 year fight with cancer brought it closer to home. You can read a profile with comments by one of his admirers, Robert Crumb, here. If you have never heard of him or seen his work, take this opportunity to check it out. Here is a cover of one of his classic series, Trashman!
Viva Rodriguez !

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Graham Dawson said...

Oh NO! another favorite. I still have all of his stuff...