Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Remember, Republicans Never Lose, They Cheat!

Today in America is a maelstrom event. We've lived with the constant backbeat for the last few months of Republicans casting doubts on the integrity of the vote, using the fraud joker card to disenfranchise as many potential Democrat voters as possible. They have abused the positions of power in the states they control to install suspect technology. Even today, in Ohio after the specter of the Romney controlled Hart Intercivic voting technology was exposed, at the last minute, The Ohio Election Chief, John Husted illegally ordered the installation of "uncertified, experimental" software patches in the ES&S electronic vote tabulation system used in 39 Ohio counties.
This is just the tip of the election anomalies being uncovered and reported hourly today and the ugly truth? Voter intimidation by True The Vote reports all over the country. True The Vote fraud uncovered in Ohio. Touch Screen Voting mysteriously flipping Obama votes to Romney votes in Pennsylvania. Republican Oregon Election official caught altering ballots. The myriad of fraud is a collection of incidents all seemingly perpetrated by Tea Party Poll Watchers and crooked Republican election officials. This is not a lot of little mistakes and errors, this is beginning to look like a deliberate tactic to destroy the integrity of the election. We have seen the numbers which seem to indicate that Barack Obama will handily take the Electoral College vote. But the attempt by the Conservatives to destroy the integrity of the popular election and influence the margins in every state they can would seem to be a deliberate attempt to orchestrate a theft of the election. How might they accomplish this?
An explanation. This is the nightmare scenario in which Republican aggressiveness could be used to trump Democratic timidity (or collegiality, or complicity; your choice on the phrasing). One of them is what happens if Obama wins the Electoral College but loses the popular vote.
First the strategy, then the logic. The strategy involves Republicans pumping up the popular vote in states Romney will win — Texas, Kansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, as well as the obvious Utah (click for an electoral map). At the same time, they count on Obama to pull his resources out of states he’s clearly winning. Hello, California, where the Sacramento Bee notes “both presidential candidates [are] devoting little time or resources in California.”
Changing the margin of victory has two effects. First is the one we’re going to talk about, the nut-cutting strategy. The second has to do with down-ticket races. I’ve been hearing substantial talk since 2010 that Obama does little to benefit down-ticket races, and this seems to be borne out in California, where the same Sacramento Bee article states (my emphasis and reparagraphing everywhere):
No matter what happens nationally, the presidential race is all but decided in California, with President Barack Obama maintaining a double-digit lead in the polls. Yet how well the rivals perform could tip the scales in the state’s most competitive congressional and legislative races. The narrower Obama’s win in the state, the better for GOP candidates on the rest of the ballot.
Dan Lundgren, one of the worst of the CA Republican representatives, gets his name mentioned as a potential beneficiary of this Dem strategy.
The logic of this move is obvious, yes? Maximize power. What else are modern Republicans about. Couple that with the obvious tendency of Democrats to surrender power and you have another perfect storm, for us.

So, no matter what the results of the election tomorrow, even if Romney concedes, he will not really concede. Expect the worst. The strategy, if pursued, would include all of the pieces of the reported 2000 Bush strategy — Fox News; talk radio; dueling pundits (pundit-on-pundit violence); business “leader” and CEO-influence on employees; “non-partisan” preachers who suddenly love “democracy” — plus whatever else the phrase “full-on attack” implies these days. Why go at all if you don’t go all-out? Remember, above all, Megalomaniacal Power Crazed Republicans never lose, they cheat. What ever the outcome tomorrow, we will have suffered the effects of a compromised crippled and sabotaged electoral system which we will have to fight to fix!

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