Friday, November 02, 2012

The Wind Mill Stone Around Mittens Neck

Yes, I'm an unapologetic fan of visionary technology. I know what the future could look like and I have nothing by contempt for the forces of corporate greed that are holding us back and destroying the future instead of unleashing real progress. Here is a big step and it's a pretty cool one. The Tesla Model S luxury sedan was just named Automobile Magazine's Car of the Year for 2013. This is pretty incredible because it is the first time ever that an all electric vehicle was named Car Of The Year.
To quote Automobile Magazine: 

The Model S can accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour in 4.3 seconds, making it as fast as the gas-guzzling 470-horsepower Dodge Charger. In a drag race with the 560-horsepower BMW M5, the Model S won. The editors were equally wowed by the sporty suspension and handling of the Model S.
Besides performance, Automobile Magazine also praised the Model S for its minimalist interior design. The car has no ignition switch; it turns on when the driver sits down. Other features are controlled by a seventeen-inch touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard. “It reminds me of the first time I used an iPhone,” associate web editor Ben Timmins said.
Silicon Valley-based Tesla Motors was co-founded by PayPal creator Elon Musk in 2003. The development and production of the Model S sedan was funded in part through a $465 million loan the company recieved from the U.S. Department of Energy in 2009. The company plans to start
repaying the loan early.
“Winning Automobile Magazine’s ‘Automobile of the Year’ award is an important milestone for Tesla because it underscores our goal to build a great car, not just a great electric car,” Musk said in a statement. “Winning this award is great recognition of what we’ve accomplished as a company, and we’re thrilled to receive this endorsement from one of the industry’s most respected authorities.”

Only a few weeks ago, I wrote about the unveiling of this model and Tesla Motors visionary system to provide free renewable energy to it's customers. The beauty fo the Tesla plan is that the recharging stations generate free solar electricity and the excess power will be put into the power grid for everyone.
Just for laughs, let's look at the video of The Bishop as he tries to deride visionary technology with his senile image of an electric car with a windmill on top. We know where that comment went. The joke was there was no room on Mitten's car for a windmill because he had the dog strapped to the roof. 


jadedj said...

No, HE is the joke...a bad joke.

I want this car!

J.O.B. said...

Dottie, the model tested has a price tag of $97,000. This is my problem with these automobiles. They are not affordable for 99% of the U.S.

Engineer turned me on to hydrogen technology, which seems a lot more affordable.

microdot said...

C'mon, this is no reason to discourage or put down what Tesla Motors have accomplished in a short time. Sure, today it is a luxury sedan. They even promote it as such...but the technology is light years ahead of what was thought feasible only a few years ago. You don't have to buy this car. It would be nice to own one, but given the incremental rate of development of this technology, it will not be a long time until there is a model that you could easily afford and the infra structure to support it.
You gotta think past yesterday and start thinking what will be tomorrow if we let it happen. But the catch point is letting it happen and not letting corporate greed be allowed to stifle it for their immediate your future expense!

J.O.B. said...

I'm not discouraging anything Brother. I'm actually mad at you. How dare you do a post on a car that I don't have a chance of owning. You're nothing more than a dirty tease. ;-)

microdot said...

Actually I'm waiting for something more like a sports utility vehicle....I meed something I can haul stuff in!