Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Karl's Hindenburg

This is the message posted by Anonymous to Karl Rove on Oct. 22, 2012
The buzz about Karl Rove and his ORCA Project being crashed by Anonymous on the day of the election is getting louder and louder.  If you google ORCA and lok at some of the comments on conservative blogs by people recruited by Rove to be a part of the monitor team observing polling sites and trying to work with the ORCA Internet site, you begin to get a feel of what the disaster was like as their passwords failed and the site definitively crashed only to be replaced by the Anonymous Hackers launching their ORCA KILLER Fire Wall, The Great OZ...The Conservative bloggers are the ones who are referring to it as Rove's Hindenburg. Anonymous claims it is going to post the computer programming, the hacked passwords and the evidence of what Rove was actually trying to accomplish with ORCA and how it might explain his panic live on FOX NEWS on Election Night as the unexpected results of Ohio were announced. If you believe Anonymous, Rove has been actively involved in manipulating election results since the Bush/Gore Election. They claim he could flip 10% of the votes, which would work in a close election.
They claim that he used the ORCA System to manipulate the outcome of the Republican primaries for Mitt Romney. Stay tuned, Anonymous claims the evidence will be released on Wikileaks next week.

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mud_rake said...

Rove's Hindenberg- clever metaphor. Yet you don't believe that he's toast yet, do you? After all, look at those who follow his 'sage' wisdom. That's way too giant of a step for those lost-in-space right wingers.