Sunday, January 26, 2014

All I Want For Christmas 2014

I'm starting my Christmas list early this year. I want you to know that I am going to be very, very good.
This new Fender acoustic dreadnought guitar with built in electronics is exactly what I need! Designed by an old buddy and one of the greatest living rock guitarists on the planet, Wayne Kramer. He had one of my very favorite graphic artists, Shephard Fairey, design the inlays. Hint: It's quite affordable at only $235.00


bj said...

oooooooooooo .... Daddy LIKE! Uhh .... Que $235 prix doivent ĂȘtre en français Dollars Regardez ici :

.. my birthday comes a lot sooner than Christmas, but at that price I may have to wait for the fat man ...

microdot said...

I think I got the wrong price...I'm off about 300 bucks! I don't know where I got the 235 from now....I saw the price in pounds, that was 333! which is 401 Euros and 587 US dollars.....I still want one. that's the reality I live with....587 US Dollars is just 401 Euros...I think I have money until I take Euros from my American bank account out of an ATM! The only slight consolation is that I have an American bank that is very user friendly and they have a network of ATMs all over the world that allow me to take money out without a fee. If you ever think of changing your bank, see if there is a branch of The Amalgamated, America's Union Bank near you. Banking charges here in France for French banks are ridiculous, but I have an account at the Credit Agricole to pay my bills.

bj said...

I'm like you, dood ... I want one of those noise boxes, so I better wait to shop for it. My shopping weakness is when I shop for something like that guitar ... I can resist buying it if I'm thinking of my dwindling finances now that I have retired. But if I shop for it and actually ... hold it, feel it and (yes) smell it ... CREDIT CARD!!!
I am not accustomed to paying Bank fees except the occasional $4 ATM charge for using a different Bank's machine. My bank USED to give four of those transactions a month to all it's customers ... until the new regulations took effect. Suntrust is no better (or werse, actually) than all the others. Wonder if I could have my Pension and Social Security sent ... in cash ... to my mattress?
Hmmmm .... I am currently going through a physical "self-cleansing" cycle in preparation for a mental cleansing cycle and have not partaken for a couple of weeks now. BUT ... the first captcha number to post this comment is 420 and I'm reconsidering, 'cause I can take a hint! Hope that Buddha book I ordered on Ol' Buzzard's say so gets here soon. heh

Ol'Buzzard said...

I am easy to please at Christmas: I ask for the same thing every year: a blowjob.
the Ol'Buzzard