Tuesday, January 21, 2014


bj said...

Way Cool! I never heard that before! Mel Brooks doin' Rap, who'da thunk it?
Mais il a raison, vous le savez? Je suis le roi ici, à pied du centre commercial Johnsonville ... et la vie est très bon ! Comment vous concernant, microdot? L'avantage ..?

microdot said...

Le seul qui pense que je suis le roi ici est mon chien, ;JJ. Mais c'est parce que je suis un despote bienveillant!
Man, if you liked that, you should hear Brooks Hitler rap...It's hilarious and only he could get away with that!
It's from one of his last films, History of The World, Part 1......lot's of great musical numbers, there is a kind of Busby Berkley inspired aquatic musical extravaganza about the Spanish Inquisition I have to find now....I am going to do a post about my dog, JJ, or J Edgar as he is properly known.