Sunday, January 26, 2014

More Unbridled GOP Hilariousness......

I saw this on the Iowa GOP facebook page last was up for a few hours, but now it has conveniently disappeared. I was intrigued by the comment about the US Postal Service recall of the Obama stamp. I had never seen this stamp. It turns out it is a often repeated conservative myth about a stamp issued by Liberia. It never happened' It is in only in their own tragically wrong fantasy world that conservatives believe they actually know what a "humor" is. I've had to live through my brother in laws retinue of eye gouging jokes, wincing as he guffaws obscenely. My wife still shudders in horror when ever I mention his name.  When I was checking out the rumor, I saw a lot of predictable conservative comments about licking the "backside" of the stamp. Here's the stamp they were using in their jokes...and they were complaining about the $45.00 denomination of the stamp. Uhh, folks, that's Liberian currency...ohh what the fuck, why bother?  Unfortunately, most of the folks who read  and spread this stuff and find it funny do not care about reality one way or the other.

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