Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Conservative Wankonomics 101

Peter Schiff finally admits on yesterday's Daily Show what Republicans really think about us.  He is of course arguing against a minimum wage and admits that you are only worth what you can get the market to give you, and if hey? you are disabled? Mentally? Physically? Then perhaps you can work until you die for $2.00 and hour. Most of us work a lot harder and all of us are worth a lot more than this pontificating wanker. Another wannabee plutocrat shitting in his silk underwear.
...And then, Peter, after they work the mentally handicapped to death at $2.00/hr, they can
make even more money off of them by, first, collecting on lucrative dead peasant insurance, then, harvesting their organs and selling them in a "free market" organ transplant market, skinning them and making fine leather goods for the discriminating buyers, taking what's left and selling that to mechanically-flensed pet food manufacturers, and finally, grinding the bones to powder for use in the finest bone china - to grace the tables of the 1%'ers. Why, it's no different than getting every last scrap out of the pig but its squeal.

This will serve as excellent practice for others, once the supply of the mentally, and - of course - otherwise, handicapped is thoroughly depleted. Yep, there's a free market opportunity in everything!

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Ol'Buzzard said...

Everyone has a sellout number: Mine is $100,000.
the Ol'Buzzard