Sunday, January 05, 2014

The Legacy

It was a macabre love story. Two soul less damned monsters who fed off each others evil in an orgy of greed. Their names will live in infamy, Rotten Ronnie The Bad Actor and Bloody Maggie The Slasher.   They both spouted the same hypnotic chant of the effects of their  malignant Trickle Down Economic Policies, but decades after they both departed for their roosts in Hades, the only thing left trickling is the blood  of the millions of people whose lives were destroyed and are still being destroyed by their Legacy of Evil. 
 Coming to a big screen TV near you all too soon, if you can still afford one......
The plague of horror unleashed by the legacy of the policies of this deadly romance have spawned the present war on the poor being waged by the Republican Party in America. The anti union hate being used to dismantle the power of workers in both countries, the privatization of government agenciesThe out of control financial system that favors the very wealthy and creates the ever growing percentage of people truly living in poverty in the richest countries on the planet, dismantling social services and making the poor ashamed of their fate. In the early 1980's, Thatcher's Conservative Government stopped subsidizing Public housing, privatized and demolished many housing projects.  Yesterday an article in  The Guardian Observer exposed the all too predictable legacy, the detonating time bomb of the inhumane greed that Thatchers nasty theories set in motion:
Fergus Wilson, one of England's largest landlords, has announced that he will no longer rent to people receiving welfare benefits, and has served all of his benefits-receiving tenants with eviction notices. He says that the cuts to benefits in the UK have resulted in an unacceptably high level of rent arrears, so high in fact that rent guarantee insurers will no longer cover properties let to welfare tenants.
The problem of social housing tenants falling behind on rent will get much, much worse shortly, when the "universal credit" scheme is introduced -- a massive change in the way benefits are paid that has delayed by massive IT problems.
The hardest hit groups of tenants are elderly people and single mothers, as well as people who are too disabled to work.To quote the logic of Wilson in the Guardian article: 
"Tenants on benefits are competing with eastern Europeans who came to the UK in 2005 and have built up a good enough credit record to rent privately. We've found them to be a good category of tenant who don't default on the rent. With tenants on benefits the number of defaulters outnumbers the ones who pay on time," he said.
"Single mothers on benefits have been displaced to the bottom of the pile; sympathy for this group is disappearing. There aren't enough places for people to live."

More from the article:
Dan Wilson Craw, a spokesman for campaign group Priced Out, says he is dismayed to hear Wilson's announcement: "Evicting tenants because you're suddenly upset about new government policies is unbelievably heartless, and could lead to more people deciding not to claim benefit for fear of losing their home, and sinking further into poverty," he said, "This is just one symptom of a wider housing market that is simply not working in the consumer's interests. The instability and poor conditions that private tenants have to deal with would not be tolerated in any other market."
To learn more about this detonating timebomb that Thatcher created and how the fuse was lit, you might want to read this free essay, "Where will we live?" in the London Review of Books by James Meeks. In it,  he explains how the housing situation in the UK is a microcosm with what is referred to as Thatcherite neo liberalism (translators note: in Europe, Liberal refers to free market capitalism. This confuses many American Conservatives when they try to interpret British English in o TeaBrained American English.): corruption, cronyism, grinding human misery, and funny accounting to prove that it's all working, honestly. There is a revolution al ready in progress. They started it.
 Free The Rich, Steal Their Money!


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My goodness! Sometimes you astound me with your clarity and intuitive grasp of things. Great post! I didn't know you can get fangs put in your dentures! ha ha

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At the time I thought it was unbelievable that we would have a president serving that was showing signs of Alzheimer - and then we got George W. Bush.
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