Sunday, February 09, 2014

Biological Trash

As the 2014 Russian Winter Olympic Games opned, Sochi is ramping up its efforts to address the city’s large population of stray dogs — or as Alexei Sorokin, director general of pest control firm Basya Services, calls them, “biological trash.” This particular item caught the sympathy of the worlds animal rights organization. We all love doggies and kitty cats. But, this attitude about the unwanted, the unwitting victims of the monstrous mechanism of fascism is infecting not only Russia but most of the modern world. It's just that in Russia, the symptoms are so virulent and obvious. It's just not animals, it's people.
2,500 families have been displaced by the construction of what is being called the most expensive Olympic project in history. Some received compensation, some were placed in shoddily constructed housing, those who were compensated were cheated. Many were just evicted, received no compensation and were instantly classified as more biological trash. People were evicted from their homes which were bulldozed for the construction and forced to live on the streets.  Andrei Martynov and his wife Natalya Martynova were forced from their home in 2005 never received compensation and forced to live on the beach. The Russian authorities have totally stonewalled any legal claim they have attempted to be recognized and compensated. Natalya said a few months ago in an interview with The Nation, “We don’t want to be homeless…but no one wants to help us. No one wants to help us as fellow human beings. We don’t know how we’re going to live in the future.”
an excerpt from the Channel 4 documentary, Hunted
of torture and beating a kidnapped gay kid by a Russian
gang, who allowed Channel4 to film the proceedings because
the knew they would not face any legal action from
the Russian authorities.

But, then if you went to Brazil  or looked back at even Atlanta in their preparations for their moments of Olympic glory, you would see the same thing. People uprooted and ill compensated for having their homes taken and their lives destroyed. It's so easy to screw poor people. Just do it and let them try to pick up the pieces of their broken lives.
There is so much anti homosexual rhetoric all over the world, It's how we are conditioned to hate some one different than us. It's how we are distracted from what is happening in our lives. It's how we are divided and learn to hate each other. People who hate each other can never be united and are so much easier to subjugate and rule. That's what fascism is all about. America has a long way to go before it will have hands clean enough to honestly criticize the Russians. America is a huge place and the very structure of the republic guarantees division, regional disunity and distrust. The states are autonomous entities. It's always been like that. Violence, religious self righteousness, and hate of the other.
That's why this recent documentary of BBC is so powerful. This is the ugly brutal reality of hate in Russia, but how far removed is it from our own ugly brutal reality. Update, I had the entire BBC4 Documentary posted here, but it was pulled down, it depicted a truly obscene reality, but here is an excerpt that is still on line:
Russia is officially welcoming gay athletes and spectators to the Sochi Winter Olympics. But in a country where it's thought only 1% of gay people dare to live completely openly, it appears to be a hollow gesture.
This extraordinary Dispatches documentary has gained unique access to the vigilante gangs that target gay men and women. The film depicts a country troubled by disturbing violence and distressing intimidation.
Six months after the Russian parliament unanimously passed a law to protect children from 'non-traditional' relationships, this film explores the terror that gay people in Russia are calling 'hunting season'. Humans officially treated as "biological trash". Don't let yourself feel so smug and superior, this is a contagious disease. Check your self for the warning sign before it's too late.

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