Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Suspicious Observer

I was trying to get some good sources for information about the massive solar flare that occurred early this morning and ran across this site, Suspicious Observers. At first the name kind of put me off,(you know, kind of X FILES sci fi-ish?) but when I started to check it out, I was really impressed. Real time planetary weather and seismological information explained and analyzed real experts. And they don't stop at the edges of Earths atmosphere.  I highly recommend checking them out and subscribing to their youtube channel.  Some of the critics of this site seem to think that the SO collective has an agenda to promote climate change and geo engineering theories. I found it factual and it might just be the critics who are projecting their agenda in their interpretation of the information presented by Suspicious Observers.  Her are some shots of yesterdays flare with filters for various wavelengths of light.
These images were taken yesterday at around 7:25 pm EST by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, a satellite circling the Sun. What you're looking at are the first moments of a massive solar flare — an explosive force more powerful than all the firepower humans have created, combined.
While solar flares, in general, release mindbogglingly huge amounts of energy, this one was large and powerful even in relation to its brethren. The most intense solar flares are classified as "X" flares. Then, scientists add a number after the X to tell you how powerful the flare was. These images show the beginning of an X4.9 flare — big enough to make even the people who study massive solar eruptions sit up and go, "WOAH."

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