Wednesday, February 12, 2014

USA#46 USA#46 USA#46 YAY!

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In 2013, I was disturbed to see that the United States had sunk to #32 with Reporters Without Borders in their Freedom of the Press rankings...well, don't hold your breath, this year America is now the #46 rated country. Far behind many of the former Soviet republics.Here is the link to their downloadable PDF which explains the methodology used in determining the 2014 ratings.Here is the link to the piece with the rankings. America, you can do better than this! BTW, FInland was #1!
YAY FINLAND 2014 #1!!!!!


MRMacrum said...

#46? Down from #32? Hmm. Free-est country in the World? Right.

Damn, Americans are so full of themselves, they think the US is the best and most free country in the World. We definitely deserve what we get.

BTW - I am definitely not enjoying the "prove I am not a robot" thing. I have to hit the re-dial button way too many times to get an image I can actually read. Not complainin so much as just whinin a bit.

microdot said...

I didn't realize I had the robot thingy happening on my comments! I don't see it, I will disable it ASAP! I can't stand it either! Perhaps that's why I never get any comments on this blog? Not that it matters that much to me...I'm always happy when someone says anything!

Ol'Buzzard said...

I don't think it is so much about freedom of the press as much as ownership of the press.
the Ol'Buzzard

microdot said...

That's partly true. But RWB documents and figures in actual political prosecution and violence against reporters. That's why I posted links to their criteria. We have pretty active and critical press here in France, but the government cooperates with the Americans on so many levels, that's why there was relatively little stink raised by Hollande about the Snowden NSA revelations. Look at what the Guardian/Observer went through in Great Britain...the British government actually made them destroy the hard drives of their computers...symbolic is a way, because the info on a computer hard drive can be downloaded and stored on a USB key.....Meanwhile, look at Germany and if I might direct your attention to an earlier post by me from last week, where Snowden gave an extensive interview on German Television that was totally ignored and suppressed in Britain and America. It gets pulled down everytime it is posted on YouTube...I had to get it from another source altogether.