Sunday, February 16, 2014

Meet A Few Of My Friends

Here are three of the green tree frogs living in the giant hylocereus jungle cactus in my living room. From what I have learned, they are an officially endangered specie, but they can live to be 17 years old. I always have planters with geraniums on my windows all through the spring, summer and fall. This year, we had an explosion of frogs...they seem to breed in the water reservoirs in the geranium boxes. That is a very good sign, because they are endangered because of chemicals and pollution. I never use pesticides and this is a very unpolluted atmospherically place to live.They were all over the house and I tried to get them all out so they could hibernate over the winter. Then, I heard croaking in the corner....there are at least 12 of them living in the floor to ceiling jungle cactus! It's like a big terrarium with a floor to ceiling glass door. They seem very happy and have gotten quite used to me and the doggies. I haver a little swimming pool installed. I mist them every day and feed them what ever bugs I find running around the house...At least once a day, they start croaking loudly. Great entertainment at dinner parties.....

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Ol'Buzzard said...

Frogs are neat - and they eat bugs!
the Ol'Buzzard