Saturday, February 01, 2014

More Serbian Heavy Metal

I know I just posted some music by Goran Bregovic but here is the full live set by his Wedding and Funeral Orchestra from the Orvieto, Italy Umbrian Folk Festival in 2012.  In the middle of the set, he performs the piece, In The Death Car which was from Emir Kusterica's 1993 surreal classic, Arizona Dream, starring Johnny Depp and Jerry Lewis and Faye Dunaway. In the film, the song is sung by Iggy Pop. If have never seen this film, go now, get it! 


bj said...

I've never even heard of that movie. Arizona Dream's not on netflix or snagfilms .... but I found the full length movie on youtube. Squatlo made me get one of those chromecast thingies ..... soo .... I can watch it tonight in the living room, with the missus. The Death Car scene is enticing and Iggy Pop's a monster!

microdot said...

Hey, bj, I noticed you had started a new blog, it was kind of awesome, I felt the power emanate from the screen but when I tried to find it was gone. My blogging philosophy? It's kind of like throwing turds into the fan....that's the writing process, then you duck and some of it sticks to the wall and a lot just slides right off. As long as it leaves a nice stain.