Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I recently turned off the word verification feature for my comments. I am now being inundated with hundreds of what seem to be automatically generated spamming posts....they show up everywhere, all day long on posts going back 6 years in my archives. Blogger seems to catch a lot of them and they never get posted on the blog...some do. I think the spamming is of Russian origin because many of the comments are in Russian, but they are in French and English as well. I think I got 45 yesterday and already this morning, there have been 8. They show up in my email which is linked to this blog. I want to make commenting easy for anyone who wants to comment...I rarely ever "censor" comments and I have to admit I have gotten some pretty offensive and stupid comments in the past, but as long as they are real, that does not bother me. Does any one have an opinion as to whether I should start using the verification system again? 

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Al said...

As you know I am a very occasional commenter (although a regular reader). I don't like the idea of you being inundated with spam for your troubles in bringing us the delights of this blog, and it would not deter me on those few moments of inspiration or exasperation to have to go through the verification process. After all, I'm proud to be human!