Sunday, April 29, 2007


Here begins an involutary blog break for maybe 5 days? I am leaving tomorrow evening to work at Le Chateau Vieux Chevrol in the Lalande Pomerol region near Bordeaux. I work there every year in the fall for the grape harvest, but this year due to the very unusual warm weather, I was asked to work doing the Vendage Vert...or green harvest.
We will cut the excess flower bunches off of the vines letting the grapes that remain get the benefit of the vines energy.
It's been warm so far but I think we will be in the muda as there is rain predicted for Monday and Tuesday.
I'm going to be away from computers and most media! This is going to be the hardest part, I do have a radio and probably will be able to glean information from the French locals who work with me. I
I put up a long piece for you to listen to while I'm gone. It is a live performance by The Mothers of Inventtion in Barcelona, Spain in the 80's. They perform Ravels's 2 parts. I hope I got them sequenced correctly!
A Bientot!


mark h said...

Score 1 for this year's Zappadan.

historymike said...

Have a well-deserved working break, Microdot. I am sure that you will return full recharged and full of insightful analysis as you harvest the green grapes.

I know that many of my best ideas pop into my head while I am performing manual labor, like gardening or cutting the grass. Must be something to do with the relationship between physical activity and mental stimulation.

Barb said...

cool music choice

I've never seen a director smoking as he directs --he looks like Borat a little, doesn't he?

Comandante Agí said...

Enjoy the outdoors! When you return check this out:

liberal_dem said...

Enjoy the beauties of nature and, once again, I am jealous of your location.

I fear the election will turn oout poorly. But then, the past two of ours did as well.