Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Here is what everyone in France was watching at lunch time on TV yesterday.
The TGV hits 574.8 kmh or 357.2 mph! Revolutionary new system actually feeds power back into the grid when it brakes! When it goes under the bridge near the end, the people on the bridge said it jumped! If America had this train it would mean New York to Washington DC in 40 minutes!


Village Green said...

How fuel efficient is it? I suppose anything that encourages the public to leave the cars in the garage is a good thing.

microdot said...

It is an electric train that is radically different than traditional ones. It actually feeds power back into the grid when it brakes and when it reaches its optimal fast speed, it uses less power than a slower moving train. Even the material for the body is different, made to have very little drag.
They are very well designed objects. I rode a TGV from Angouleme to Paris back in the mid 90's and it was a comfortable fast trip.

steve said...

Pretty Awesome!

I think the way to go is Maglev though. No friction except for air friction. I read about plans in Switzerland to make an underground maglev train that could achieve 2000 MPH by evacuating the underground tube to a close vacuum. I'll try to find a link. Here's a cool concept for transportation though: