Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Media Matters

One of the hardest hitting honest and steadfast media watchdog organizations, Media Matters is doing its job well. So well in fact that the media it monitors and fact checks is attacking with an onslaught of mis information and propaganda smears.
On April 23, Bill O'Reilly went off on a bizarre conspiracy rant and devoted an entire segment of his show to the devious conspiracy against him by Media Matters and its donors.

Referring to Media Matters as a vile propaganda outfit which specializes in distortion of comments made by right wing media people, he placed the organization at the center of a vast left wing conspiracy funded by his nemisis, George Soros.
He's been ranting about Media Matters for quite a while, but it seems to have come to a head last month when he was in Ireland being interviewed live. When confronted with some of his statements from the record, he blew up and asked where they had gotten the transcripts of his show. The interviewer replied Media Matters, of course! O'Reilly then went off on a rampage and called Media Matters an extremist propaganda organization which distorted his comments for poliitical gain.
This is utter nonsense, if you have ever read Media Matters, you would see the they just print the truth, verbatim and point out the mis statements and lies that are the substance of conservative media as well as the inconsistent statements and positions of mainstream media. They are a Media Watchdog. They are protecting us from the misinformation that these guys make a living from. When confronted to the reactions and outrage the public has from reading their words and the fact that Media Matters has createed a forum to fight back against their lies and misinformation has made them a deadly enemy.
The fact that O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Savage, Beck, Melanie Morgan and many others have decided to launch an attack on Media Matters means they are doing something right.
I have had a link on this page for Media Matters. If you have never checked them out, please do so. If you want to help them fight this concerted attack against them, they are asking for donations. They are simply defending your right to the truth!


engineer of knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
Great posting! I remember a incident in the early 1990’s and we were all at work. I heard one of the mindless drones tout how Rush Limbaugh knows what he is talking about and they listen to him all of the time because he is a smart man. I took this moment’s opportunity to pass on a story from Rush’s radio show and then follow up with, “So this is the way you feel and does your black co-workers know you believe what this man is telling you how to think?!? Below is the story straight from Rush’s radio broadcast.

One of Limbaugh’s finer moments was in the early 1990’s and still during the Daddy Bush era. Rush was going on about the U.S. unemployment figures and that the President cannot be held responsible for lazy people who just don’t want to work. They are content to just have the government take care of them. You may remember the rapping chant he would play in the background repeating, “Womb to the Tomb; Womb to the Tomb; Woop Da’re it is; Womb to the Tomb” during his commentary.

He continued that he had an idea that would end all unemployment in this country. By just implementing his idea, because he had talent on lone from God making him all knowing, that he, Rush Limbaugh, could end all of the unemployment in the United States. He then presented his ground breaking idea that would end all of the unemployment in this country, “All you have to do is to expand the NBA by 100,000 teams.” His implication of course was to all of the uneducated rednecks snickering now while pronouncing, “They were a conservative,” was that the level of the unemployment figures was because of all the (insert the “N” word here) are just content laying around, not about to go to work for living, and are only interested in playing basket ball. Yes, all they do is just eat, sleep, make babies to add to their welfare checks, and PLAY BASKET BALL!!

Mindless Goober who had just quoted Rush and professed on how great and smart Rush Limbaugh was, is now embarrassed and does not have that much to say any more; especially in front of his black co-workers, one whom was the brother-in-law to the great baseball player Harold Baines who grew up locally in Saint Michaels, MD and started his baseball playing with the Chicago White Sox’s.

The good news is that things are changing with the attitude of the general public’s demographics in radio. There is a radio personally that goes by the name, Ed Schultz. He is now beating Savage’s numbers in every radio market where they are matched up.

Lee Iacocca was on the program, “Sunday Morning.” He has written a book called, “Where Have All The Leaders Gone?” Below are a couple of his comments.

On speaking about the George W. Bush White House:
“In 2000 I campaigned for George W. Bush, I have nothing personal here.” “I soon regretted this because after the first year or so I thought he was over his head frankly.”
“We have a gang of clueless bozos steering our ship of state right over a cliff.”
Saying of Bush’s speeches, “We will stay the course?” Iacocca says, “You’ve got to be kidding! This is America not the damn Titanic.”

I think the majority of the people have seen through this neo-con bull crap and the country is now taking a turn for the better.

Barb said...

Dems would be smart to focus on the war and not all their other leftist whacko ideas that scare the churches and middle-Americans --elitist ideas emanating from the atheistic worldview. I have a non-registered brother in law who says the dems are trying to move the country so fast to the left that he's going to register to vote. The GOP just needed the Dems to get in power for awhile to rally their base. The GOP may have disenchanted conserves with their various hypocrites, and conservatives who weren't conservative enough --like Bush --but the Dem Party in power is a much more frightening prospect than a mixed GOP bag.

microdot said...

How does one respond to a comment like that?
What's the point except you express your opinion that you don't like Democrats and you think they're wacky and your brother in law is going to finally get up off his fast ass because he doesn't like their "wacky ideas" either.
This is the level of intellectual ideas that is going to and is destroying America. Frankly, when I watch American political programs and the level of debate, I throw my hands up and try not to destroy my television.
When an organization like Media Matters makes an attempt to become the conscience of the Media and keep track of trhe poutright lies and misleading information that is fed to American population, they are percieved as a radical threat.
This is not good! This is a symptom of a Republic destroying itself.