Saturday, April 28, 2007

One Hit Wonderful

Today it was announced that "Boris" Bobby Pickett died at the age of 62 of Leukemia.
He was a performer who had one #1 hit in his lifetime butt it never went away...he was the composer of the novelty song THE MONSTER MASH!
This isn't Mr. Pickett performing his song, but a magnificent cover by the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, complete with an electric spoon solo. As an added bonus, the band performs The Sound of Music.
R.I.P. "Boris" Bobby Pickett!


ohdave said...


My birthday is Monday! Only 5 days away from yours!

I know you are a youtube connaisseur. You have to go to my site and see today's best of the blogs and click through to the video on Phlip's page. It's hilarious.

microdot said...

oh dave, we Taurus have a heavy burden to bear! Some of the worst dictators in history have been Taurus...but then again some of the greatest humanitarians have been Taurus.
Personally, my true Tauurus personality comes out in the garden.
I would have been a great farmer.
Of course, I think I would have been a great patisseriere or charcutiere!
I will check out the link.
It's too easy to go to YouTube and think of something you haven't seen in years...or what ever happened too????
I was thinking of doing a YouTube based series of posts of Rock Tragedys....brilliant people who disappeared or were destroyed by the things that made them great. Any ideas?
I would like to find a video of Iggy Pop stage diving on his 60th birthday! I saw a photo of that!