Thursday, April 26, 2007


Perhaps, there is life already there? Perhaps, it might be interesting to find out. Perhaps, we could see if life exists there and what form it has taken, would it be a test case for evolution? Would it be a case for intelligent design?
Perhaps, it is a blank slate waiting for us to go there and do things right this time!
Perhaps the creationists and intelligent design experts could go there and
show us how it was supposed to be!
Perhaps there are intelligent beings there having this same debate?
Perhaps they are experiencing global warming just like we are!
Would they worship the same gods we do? If religious zealots from earth went there
would they try to convert each other? Would they wipe each other out? Perhaps they are on their way here to convert us!


Barb said...

ever read Madeline L'lengle's science fiction books --A Wrinkle in Time, etc.

She speculates the same God for all planets --but different creatures --and called the EArth "the shadowed planet" --where the light does battle for supremacy with the shadow of evil.

microdot said...

I used to love science fiction, but I am more attracted to "speculative" fiction, I think that is a legitimate genre now by authors such as Thomas Disch and Phillip K. Dick or the brilliant J. D. Blanchard, who many are considering one of the English languages' greatest living wriiters.
His autobiography was made into the movie, Empire of The Sun, about a young boy living in British Singapore when the Japanese invaded.
The speculative writers, like Disch write projected history. 334 by Disch is an incredible book about the near future which reads like Dickens...a soap opera about what we may become.

Barb said...

I confess, these days I'm only reading magazines, newspapers, blogs, and my Sunday School lesson--and books to the grandkids.