Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sarkozy Part 2

Does Sarkozy think he’s already sitting on the Elysée throne? Is he already having orgasms in anticipation of his coming up unlimited powers?

No doubt drunk in the wake of his popularity in the polls - which put him in the lead - the UMP candidate has recently decided to throw a little tantrum of authoritarian nature in the facilities of “France 3″ TV channel studios. A kind of regal tantrum reminding one of past centuries. Mr Sarkozy in effect threatened to “sack” France 3’s management. Just like that. Just because France 3 didn’t unfold the big red carpet due to his majesty Sarkozy and did not all rush to go kiss his gown when he turned up at their studio, 18 March 2007, invited to participate in the program “France Europe Express”, presented by Christine Ockrent.

As soon as he got there, Mr. the Minister-candidate starts abusing people, and lets it known that the program “gives him the shits”.

Then he gets pissed because he has to wait in the studio’s corridors - waiting for the “make-up” studio to be free as it was being used by another guest. But this is apparently a clear case of high treason against his majesty Sarkozy and therefore the entire management is now guilty of this crime. “The entire France 3 management team must be sacked” says Sarkozy, as reported in the “Canard Enchainé” on 21 March 2007. “I can’t do it now yet, but just you wait, it won’t be long”.

The French people is now warned. One of Sarkozy’s priorities if elected president will be to chop the heads off France 3’s management.

[skipping not very important and very-hard-to-translate section]

The “Société des Journalistes de la Rédaction Nationale de France 3″ is outraged by the attitude of someone bidding for the highest office in the land. We are very worried that Mr. Sarkozy can openly display such a stand of disregard to the independance of public television services.

No Mr. Sarkozy, the journalists of “France 3 National Rédaction” are not and never will be your lackeys. They will fight any threat against their independance. The only accountability we are binded by is to that of the French public, not to you.

Our chart of integrity means we will never submit to any form of political influence let alone dominance. Neither from you nor any other candidate.

Best regards.
La Société des Journalistes de France 3. Le 23 Mars 2007

This was a translation of an email sent to me that was originated by the staff of the France 3 television Network. I referred to this incident in my last post on Nikolas Sarkozy, part 1.
I've seen a change in the reporting in the last week, the people are beginning to see a clear threat to their liberties because of this man. The use of fear came to the forefront when there was a police provoked riot in the Gare de Nord in Paris on Wednesday.
The police used unecessary force to subdue a young Arab man who was turnstile jumping. Suddenly, a phlanx of cops with riot shields appeared and it turned into a real melee and it's unclear who the provacatuers were. It seemed to be an incident custom made for Sarkozys appearance that evening. He was ready with a speech which appealed to the fears of the common people. He tried to portray his opponents as soft on crime because of their conciliatory statements calling for calm and understanding.
So far it seems to be backfiring. The Sarkozy supporters seem to be passionate, but the opposition has suddenly discovered that this is a fight for the soul of a Nation!
Thanks to WhyNot of the blog Pouqoui Pas? for the great translation!
He wrote a great piece on this today and used my illustration!
I will write more on Sarkozy very soon, but first I will profile some of the candidates I haven't written of as of yet!

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