Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pimp My Candidate

The campaigns of John McCain and Hillary Clinton are both in different stages of panic today as Barack Obama steamrolls ahead of both of them in every poll. The pundits and commentators glibly use the term Barackorama. The critics and mudslingers are beginning to refer to it in cult like terms.
Karl Rove is staying up past his bedtime worrying that there is something happening that he just doesn't understand. It's been a long time since Americans actually have been able to get excited over a candidate. If you are a Republican, it's scary, it's down right freaky. They're doin' something and we don't like it.
Maybe it's time for John McCain to embrace his inner Iceberg Slim. Trade in that straight talkin express he's been riding around in and get it chopped and have a leopard skin vinyl roof with a suntop installed.
It's time to Pimp Your Candidate!

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Engineer of Knowledge

Hello My Friend,
Your graphics are just too great. You never fail to make me LOL.

Good Job!