Saturday, February 16, 2008

We Believe In Magic!

Apparantley, five times as many Americans think the sun revolves around the earth as believe that Oil Companies and HMO's are honest.
That is the conclusion that could be drawn from the latest Harris Poll which inquired into exactly what do Americans believe?
The numbers are 21% of Americans polled believed the sun revolved around the earth and less than 15% believed in the honesty of oil companies, HMO's, pharmeceutical companies, insurance corporations and the phone company.
According to the Harris Poll organization, these basic numbers have held steady for the last 5 years.
Were members of the American Congress included in this survey?
It would seem that it should be obvious, that if you were to vote on a bill about stem cell research, perhaps it would be helpful to know what a cell was....

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Anonymous said...

From Engineer of knowledge:
Hello Micodot,
Thank you for the kind posting on Mud Rake's site. It just hit me from our conversations with fonso. He is truly a generation lost. I think that the mentor group (that would be us) needs to reach back to the next younger generation and get this neo-con programming countered.
During the Thomas Jefferson administration we had the Age Of Enlightenment, now during the “W. Bush” administration we have the age of ignorance and apathy with many apathetic about their ignorance. This is truly ashamed and a sad state.
I had a debate again in Seaford, DE on science verses religion last night. I took in your piece of “We Believe In Magic” and how 21% of the U.S. population thinking that the sun revolves around the earth….. and I guess that the earth is still flat, right? Well the religious right did not show up at all last night. I guess they had run out of idiotic statements from the last month.

Keep up the good work my friend. Everyone blogging sanity and accurate information facts are really making a difference.