Monday, February 11, 2008

Rules Are Different For Republicans

On the day of the Sout Carolina Primary, I was watching Satellite TV and there were interviews with voters and a woman was asked if she would vote for Obama. This bizarre quote issued from her mouth, "I ain't votin fer no politician who had to swear in on a korean." That's what she said, a "korean".
Of course we know Barack Obama did not get sworn in with a korean or a koran for that matter, but the rumor has taken on it's own life and is still getting sent around in emails. I looked around for any comments that Obama had made about American-Muslims and Arabs and found this on an Arab American's blog:

Barack Obama in 2007 in JTA, a leading Jewish Publication:
"My support within the Jewish Community has been much more significant than my support within the Muslim community. I welcome and seek the support of Muslim and Arab communities."

In other words, he believes American-Muslims are no different than American-Jews.

Aside from this, the only meaningful relationship Obama has had with anyone from the American-Muslim community has been an indirect one via Keith Ellison, the first and only Muslim Congressman, who started backing Obama quite some time ago. Feb 2007 to be exact, long before it was hip to be on the bandwagon.

Here is what Ellison said as to why he was backing Obama:

“Not because he’s black,” said Ellison, who is black, on Tuesday. “That’s identity politics. I reject identity politics.

“He speaks with a unifying spirit,” Ellison told about 100 employees at the Star Tribune newspaper during a lunch-hour event for Black History Month.

This is not much to work on and Obama certainly hasn’t actively sought to engage Muslim communities or mosques but there are reasons for this.

Recently, an Obama staffer reported that she had been asked to be interviewed on Al-Arabiya...but....

…she was nearly out of her mind with excitement when Al-Arabiya wanted to interview her for a television story on the election. Unfortunately for her *squee* moment, the campaign wouldn’t let her interview with Al-Arabiya on account of the “smear” efforts. Why get millions of voters irrationally thinking ill of Sen. Obama just so some people in Saudi Arabia (and other countries getting the channel) can say, “Hey, cool!”?

Bush met with Al-Arabiya TV when he was in Saudi. Rules are different for Republicans. Fact is, Bush is far closer to unjust, nefarious and questionable Arabs than anyone else.

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mud_rake said...

It's not that there are different rules for Republicans, they just ignore the rules or make them up as they go along.

Too bad about your personal ID stuff. Crack-pots are everywhere!