Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Rule Of Law

Once when challenged for his unwillingness to submit to the rule of law in an obvious snub of the Constitution, George Bush Jr. screamed, "Stop throwing the Constitution in my face. It's just a goddamned piece of paper!"

And so our Constitution has become what Bush has made it. This annihilation of the foundation of our republic was orchestrated by a president who swore an oath of honor to protect it, a devout Christian who promised to restore honor and integrity to the oval office.

When President Bush decreed his "long term plan" for Iraq, committing the USA, without congressional authority, to a permanent presence, it was an insult, a direct provocation to the public, the congress and the rule of law.
Our President believes himself to be above the rule of law, the authority of Congress and the Courts.

Ahhh, for days when a simple solutions to a troublesome monarch, like Charles the First of England, who when in 1649 presumed to be above Parliament, it was as easy as marching him out to an improvised platform at the Banqueting House in Whitehall where he was beheaded.

Bush's plan to forge a long term agreement with with the Iraqi government that could commit the US military to defending Iraq's security would be the first time such a sweeping mutual defense compact has been enacted without congressional approval, according to legal specialists.

After WW2, when the United States gave security commitments to Japan, South Korea, the Phillipines, Australia, New Zealand and NATO members, Presidents Truman and Eisenhower designated the agreements as treaties, requiring Senate ratification.
In 1985, when President Ronald Reagan guaranteed that the US military presence would defend the Marshall Islands and Micronesia if they were attacked, the compacts were put to a vote by both chambers of Congress.

By contrast, Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki have already agreed that a coming compact will include the United States providing "security assurances and commitments" to Iraq to deter any foreign invasion or internal terrorism by "outlaw groups". But a top White House official has also said that Bush does not intend to submit the deal to Congress..
---Boston Globe---

Thus, just one more example of a President who has put himself above the rule of law.
He has destroyed the very concept of the "rule of law"
It's not just that he lied about his justifications for the Iraq War, but the failures to allow oversights into the processes that produced those lies.. It's not in the firing of federal attorneys and the refusal to substantiate the firings, but in the pure partisanship of their actions. It's not their countless refusals to comply with subpoenas from the Congress or Freedom of Information Act from the people, but in their arrogant stance, setting themselves above the requirements.

Congress, in its aquiescence and subservience, is equally guilty. When Nancy Pelosi declared that "Impeachment is off the Table", she not only absolved Bush of all previous transgressions but paved the way for any to come.

To finish this essay, I'd like to leave you with a recent announcment on the Northcom web site of their readiness to implement martial law in the USA:

USNORTHCOM's official response to Commission on National Guard Reserves Final Report.
February 1, 2008

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo.--U.S. Norther Command's primary mission is Homeland Defense, and the command stands ready to respond to any homeland defense of civil support mission reqirement.

"The U.S. military absolutely has the capacity to respond to potential threats within ouur nation today. It will get better in this coming year and continue to improve beyond that," said Gen. Gene Renuart, USNORTHCOM commander.

Established in 2002 as a result of the 9/11 terrorists attacks, USNORTHCOM has dramatically expanded the DoD's focus on all aspects of Homeland Defense, including planning and exercising, as well as organizing new headquarters and units that are specifically tailored for domestic response.

----USNORTHCOM's official respnse to Commission on National Guard and Reserves Final Report.


Bushminion said...

Did Bush really say that, about the constitution being a piece of paper, Microdot, or is this one of your creative illustrations?

Link please.

microdot said...


Dec.14, 2005

Doug Thompson, publisher of Capitol Hill Blue, says he's talked to three people present last month when Republican Congressional leaders met with President Bush in the Oval Office to talk about renewing the Patriot Act. That act, passed by legislators who hadn't read it, in the immediate aftermath of 9-11 (when most people were shell-shocked and lawmakers in particular disinclined to use their brains), has of course been criticized as containing unconstitutional elements. All three GOP politicians quote their president as saying: "Stop throwing the Constitution in my face! It's just a goddamned piece of paper!"

Here's the Capitol Blue link:


Now Bite Me!

engineer of knowledge said...

WoW!! I knew that Bush was out of control but this is more than I can even get my head wrapped around with just one reading.

Good posting but how many will believe what has just been documented on your post. Reality has a liberal bias you know.

I would also tell everyone to get the book or book on CD's from your local library, of Bob Woodward's "State of Denial." The words come right from those in this administration's mouth. The exposing of the egos, the lies, and the pressure to go along no matter if it was breaking the law because it was for them and their mandate, type attitude.

microdot said...

Well, Mr. Engineer, the Iraqi Defense Compact has been well documented iin the recent news and the news that congress has been left out of the agreement.
These are just the straight facts.
I even struggled to not color the portrayal too emotionally.

I feel deeply that America is in the grip of one of the greatest "Crime Families" in history and they are not about to relinquish power.

That's the danger of allowing ourselves to be whipped into war fever regarding Iran.

All it takes is one percieved terrorist threat real or contrived to be hyped by these manipulative
maniacs into tossing our constitutional rights in the circular file under Dick Cheney's desk in the name of Homeland Security.