Friday, February 01, 2008

Stop Him Before He Runs Again!

A week ago, I wrote a piece on Michael Bloomberg and his tentative Presidential bid as a third party candidate. I mentiioned that I liked Bloomberg if only for the bold initiative he spearheaded to make New York City one of the Greenest cities on the planet in the next 15 years. I asked for comments as to whether I should sign the petition on his website supporting his run. I got no comments.
Tonight, Bloombergs petition after a week has only collected slightly under 5,000 signatures. It looks like he's going to concentrate on another term as New York's Mayor.
As Ed Koch noted, the mayorship of New York City is the fast track to political oblivion, as Rudy Giuliani just found out..
Now if only we can convince Ralph Nader to give it up before he accidently puts another Republican in the White House!

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