Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stolen Ideas

In the 1970's I saw a number of my aquaintances get hooked by what I felt was a bizarre cult, Scientology. I started to see Scientology recruiters every where, on college campuses and even at rock concerts. One day soon after I had moved to New York City in the late 70's, I was walking on Broadway near 34th Street and the sky suddenly opened up and I was in a sudden downpour. I had a few blocks to walk to my truck and I was surprised by a short guy who whipped out an umbrella and put it up and said to me to get under it. One is always wary of over friendly guys with umbrellas in Manhattan. I told him I had to walk to 8th Avenue and he said "No Problem"...then the conversation took a turn for the worse.. The little weasel was a Scientology recruiter and started to feed me his propaganda....I froze, looked at him, said "See ya!" and sprinted 2 blocks in the pouring rain happy to have escaped with my mind!
Today, I discovered a post on a forum named which has an entire pamphlet from Germany written in 1934 about a cult named Scientologie.
It outlines much of the same gobbledeegook that L. Ron Hubbard claimed as his own work in his books on Scientolgy years later.
Scientolgy has been banned in Australia and on the verge of a ban in Germany. It is a manipulative organization that tries to garner power and influence.. They want their own "state". It can and has had very destructive effects on many people. It's alarming that it can exert an influence and get huge amounts of donations from the very wealthy. In the heavy college campus recruitment phase of the 1970's, they gave out a questionaire that if looked at analytically, one could see the ways it appealed to the insecurities that plague us poor confused humans. If you were a poor schnook and got suckered in, you were just fodder, at the same time, if you were a wealthy, talented individual, and fell for the mind massage, the treatment was different but still designed to separate you from your wallet so you could attain the next level of "superior development".
The pamphlet was scanned and it reveals the origin of the plagirized theophysics that L.Ron Hubbard based his mind controlling power trip scam on.

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