Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rainin' In Paradize

I love the Spanish artist Manu Chao and here is a clip directed by one of the greatest directors working today, the Serbian, Emir Kustarica.
This is a piece from his last CD, Radiolina

A superstar practically everywhere except the United States, Spaniard Manu Chao writes political anthems ideal for crowds of hundred thousands in soccer stadiums and central plazas. However the songs work at home, in earphones, or small scale protests as well. To reflect his political concerns about poverty and globalization, he mashes together styles from Latin America and West Africa with punk rock, Spanish flamenco, and sonic collages(there are a lot of sirens on this album). The 21 songs on La Radiolina repeat several musical themes changing up the lyrical subjects and languages. The stand out on the cd is Me Llaman Calle, a melodic and thoughtful song about the hard lives of prostitutes(written for the excellent Spanish film Princesas about Dominican immigrant women in Madrid).

Rainin'In Paradize is a poppy anti Imperialist/anti Iraq War Anthem.

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