Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Actually, this day is pretty crazy. My wife is going to the USA for 2 weeks and we are taking care of last minute details. I am going to be here in La Sechere. For me, nothing could be finer. Spring becomes more apparent with each hour. There is so much to do!
So, Here is the first half of my favorite French Television show, Groland from March 15th. Yes, it's pretty adolescent and sick, but if you want to get grossed out, these guys are experts.
The reason why this episode is so good is the sketch where the president of Groland, and I am official Grolandais, introduces his wife, the model, Carlita Brun Brun to a Saudi Prince. After Nicolas Sarkozy's trip to England last week, this isn't so far from reality!
So if you don't speak French, the humor is still pretty understandable, if you have any questions, I'd be happy to explain!
Also, here is a mp3 for a rap called Hillary In The House. I think the guy who did it is trying to support her, but the results are so unbelievably craptastic that you almost get the sneaky suspicion that this is sheer sabotage! I was rolling on the floor.


steve said...

Have you seen "It's raining McCain"?


microdot said...

Yeah babe and I'm grooovin to it! maybe i'll just say "fuck it" to reality, get into the groove and vote rethuglican...I'm hip to the beat!!!!!

microdot said...

Steve, I hope you checked out the Groland video. the quality is a little wierd, but really this is one of the best political sarcastic program on French television. Between Groland and les Guignols d'Infos...the media will destroy Sarkozy.

historymike said...

Heh. Funny stuff. Too bad the stakes are so high, or I might laugh out loud.