Monday, April 07, 2008

Bravo Paris!

Today the Olympic Torch was put out three times in it's progress through the streets of Paris. Thousands of protestors turned out to show their disgust with the Beijing Regime's utter disregard for the rights of the Tibetans, their utter denial of real history and contempt for human rights.
Since I have written about the struggle in Tibet for their fight to be recognized as an autonomous culture and have their traditions respected, I have recieved over 348 "comments" from anonymous bloggers. I have left a few up, but most were extremely beligerrent and obnoxious.
There seems to be an organized attempt by the Chinese to monitor any mention of protest abouut Tibet on the internet and mobilize "blogswarms" to aggressivley deal with it. The comments range from just plain stupid to attempts to force a rewriting of history by directing to websites that tell the history of Tibet from a purely Chinese 20th Century ideological perspective.
I am just one little blogger and I am sure what I write is pretty low profile when it comes to Google, but I still have managed to attract quite a bit of attention from the Chinese internet army.
China is learning a fact of life.. They may be ready to be a major world power, but being a world power means they have to be ready to exist in the real world.
They can rewrite history and control the internet in China, but that all ends at the borders of China. We are the rest of the world, we have access to real knowlege and we will not be suppressed!
Boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics!
Why can't the rest of the world organize an alternate Olympics with events held in different countries? It might take a little while to organize, but it could easily be done.

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mud_rake said...

Yes!! BRAVO! I watched the good people of Paris fight the good fight.