Monday, April 14, 2008

A Comic Book Cover from the days of the Korean War. Back in the days when Dick Cheney was a young guy and suicide bombing was okay, if it was one of "Our Guys".
Thanks to Boing Boing! (click to enlarge)


steve said...

OH my! that is rich. I think I've actually seen that comic book somewhere. But I must point out a subtle difference just to be fair. Today's radicalized suicide bomber targets innocent civilians, honerable suicide bombers of yesteryear targetted other military targets, like the GI in the comic, and the Japanese Kamakaze... even Picket's chargers at Gettysburgh.

microdot said...

Of course you're right. I did read a very poignant and comic cartoon strip in the great French Bande Desinee Journal, Ferraile Illustre called "Les Frere Ben Qutuz a Frustrationland!" by Emile Bravo about the frustration of being a teen age kid and living under Israeli Occupation on the Gaza Strip. I could not do it justice by describing it. It's all the more brilliant for being an 11 page illustrated story which does not use one word of dialogue.
I should try to find if there is an online archive, because the magazine was brilliant. I think their website is still up, but I warn you, it is very surreal, very strange and very French.