Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I am forging ahead with my commitment to present the feminine side of Rock and Roll.
And here is an artist who defied any attempt to classify her...She was beyond any concept of what a rock artist is supposed to be. Another performer who created her own Medium.
Wendy O Williams of the Plasmatics! A girl with a chainsaw who knew how to use it, she fronted a band that played berserkoid tight yet sloppy as shit punk metal and used high explosives on stage to boot!
I saw them blow up a Cadillac over at 33rd Street and the East River......I saw them dismember cars during performances on stage at the old Palladium on 14th Street. A woman who's idea of style ran to the very creative use of black electricians tape.
The Plasmatics were in their own class. The lead guitarist was over 6 feet tall guy with a huge turquoise blue Mohawk and sometimes wandered about the East Village in a dress.
Today is thge 10th Anniversary of Wendy's Death. She actually went on to lead a life as a veternarians assistant in Up State NY. Ther people who worked with this gentle animal lover had a hard time accepting that she was the same person who fronted the Legendary Band that pushed all limits into the abyss and then went on to find new ones!


johnnypeepers said...

Hey holmes, sweet blog. Are you the same cat that visits Barb's blog? If so I applaud your efforts. That broad is definitely rooted in her belief system. She was frequenting my joint with some regularity leaving very lengthy posts. I think I scared her off though.

Keep up the good work ese!

P.S. While in NY, Did you ever meet Johnny Thunders or a chick from Kansas with the last name of Rupp (Carla maybe)?

microdot said...

Mr. Peepers, I was the hardworking truck driver who moved that band of hopeless junkies, The HeartBreakers to Max's...I had to call, wake them up and remind them that they had a fucking sound check. So, yes, I knew Mr. Thunders and was a fan of his dating back to the NY Dolls.

I was myself, a punk rock musician, in a number of bands...
I don't have any of my personal info up because of the bloated blessed one, Barb, ( we have an un fortunate connection, I used to live in To9ledo, Ohio) but I found your site because of your posts on her righteous site of blessed bullcrap.

Don't worry, I am easily amused and I will be a frequuent visitor on your blog. Very entertaining!

johnnypeepers said...

That kicks ass. I received a tele-kenetic instant message that you had some involvement with that cat. I love "You can't put your arms around a memory." I think it kinda sums up Johnny quite well.

Dig, I have been planning on writing a post on that song. Hopefully I can find a Youtube clip of its performance. Either way, I got a favor to ask since you knew the cat. Would you be willing to submit a brief memory of Johnny. I would love to include it in my post. I will give you full attribution and provide a link to your site.

If you don't want to that is cool, I will understand. I dig punk and it is my favorite music subject to write about, despite no one knowing (or caring) what I am talking about.

No memory of Carla Rupp though? She lived in the West Village. The reason I ask is that I believe Richard Hell is my friend's dad. Carla is his mum.


microdot said...

I don't really recall a Carla Rupp, though the name is vaguely familiar.
Things get hazy...I'm sure you understand, though I am sure I have friends who might...but less and less of them are still around.
I was pretty good friends with Willy DeVille and still have his Edith Piaf albums.
I would like to give you more back ground, but the very person we have spoken of and the circle of blog jerks she attractss have made me a particular focus of their attention.
If you want to communicate more, please feel free to use my gmail address,
I don't live in NYC any more, I have lived in France for quite a few years, but I remain fighting and kicking, I will be the last man standing!