Monday, April 14, 2008


I have been watching the increasingly frantic movement in the Clinton campaign and the attempts to take out Barack Obama at any cost including deriously damaging the Party.
I watched her try to spin Obama's comments on the bitterness of Middle America and embracing gun owners rights, in her attempt to pander on a level that is beginning to equal John McCain.
I have always said that I would support the Democrat candidate, who ever he or she was, but I admit, Barack Obamna captured my imagination as soon as I realized what an inspirational orator he was. He has convinced me at least that he represents a real chance to do business dfferently.
The pile on by the McCain cmapaign, Hillary and the media in an attempt to portray his remarks in the most negative way they can possibly be spun seems to indicate to me that this is the candidate the white, entrenched establishment is in total fear of.
I was depressed as I watched and read one piece after another that analyzed why Baracks attempt to portray reality was going to hurt him.
I think the mere fact that McCain called him "Elitist" is beginning to back fire on him already. Suddenly the marriage to the Beer Heiress is under scrutiny, his 10 homes and attempts to waffle on any economic issue is too obvious.
Hillary, is another thing altogether and I think this is the beginning of the end for her. She is misfiring more and more often. She is obviously vunerable on so many points.
Watch this speech by Barack Obama in Steeltown, PA on Saturday. He shows how to attack and defend himself in a way Hillary would never be capable of.
He shows why, for Hillary, it's over.

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