Monday, April 14, 2008

Racism In America, 2008 style!

You don't call a black man a "boy" when you're from the south, unless you're intending to harken back to the racist language of slavery, and then segregation, when all black men were called "boy" as a prejudiced pejorative. Even worse, the GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell was there when it happened. Here's what Rep. Geoff Davis (that's really his name, talk about irony) R-KY had to say about Obama:
"I'm going to tell you something: That boy's finger does not need to be on the button," Davis said.
Again, in southern speak, everyone knows what "boy" means when it's said about a black man

I would hope you go to the link and read the entire post and I hope you are able to see inot the mind set of the reportage. If you don't believe that the specter of a Barack Obama candidacy has not sent the fear of death into the very spines of the entrenched racist establishment in America after reading this, then you must be "one of them". I hope Barack has a crack security team guarding him because he is dealing with sheer naked hate and a few hundred years of organized insanity and they are crazy mad!

Thank you Americablog for this item!


steve said...

Reading that article, the scary thing to me is that these GOP leaders are STILL parroting the idea that invading secular Iraq somehow equates to fighting Islamic extremism. It shows a willful lack of knowledge and a dangerous lack of understanding of who and what the enemy is! Anyone who's ever picked up a copy of Tsun Tzu, or watched a Godfather movie knows that a hallmark of successful warfare is to KNOW THE ENEMY BETTER THAN YOURSELF!

microdot said...

In the words of the great American Philospher, Walt Kelley, the author of the comic strip Pogo,