Sunday, April 13, 2008

Four Yorkshire Men

Here is a classic sketch which I had seen performed by the Monty Python Group, but this is the original version from a British Television show called the 1948 Show produced by David Frost..
It was written by Grahamn Chapman and John Cleese who perform it with Tim Brook-Taylor and Marty Feldman. This must have been from 1966. Very Funny Stuff!!!!


steve said...

haha!!! That's one of my favorite monte python skits. 2 of my friends and I road tripped out to Washington state to hike in the Ho rainforest on the Olympic peninsula back in the 80's and we wore one of the guys "Best of Monty Python" casettes out.

microdot said...

I sent this to a friend of mine who is a Python addict and he had never seen this original version..
How do these guys do it? It's so funny and they never crack up.
Dang, I have to find some more Bonzo Dog Band...if you search this blog, there is a post last year called Love Is A Cylindrical Piano that was from a Pre Monty Python show with members of the Bonzo Dog Band and The Embryonic Monty Python Troup. It's so brilliantly stupid and hillariously Da da....
You just can't do stuff like that today...Why is that?