Saturday, April 19, 2008


I can see the cracks spreading across her face and body. As time passes now, the cracks become more intensive and finer, breaking up what had been a solid into a million small, squarish pieces. As this process culminates, her hair becomes darker, her eyes ever more dark and piercing. Her clothing too morphs from modern pantsuit into richly embroidered, flowing robes, embellished with sown-in gems and thread of gold. The same process traps and changes her usual retinue, as consultants become courrtiers, assignment reporters become goat-bearded eunuchs, and female aides become laides-in-wating. As the process finishes, she is frozen and now timeless, and a crown of gold and gems, now sits upon her head, with marble-sized pearls on golden cords dangle and frame her face.

Behold the new Theodora, Queen and Empress, chosen of God, Autocrat, a woman not to be defied, or taken lightly. From a bear-tamers daughter from the circus, she now rules at the center of the known earth at her husbands side. Co-ruler in effect, she now demands coins, doucments and acclaimation as ruler in her own right.. And frozen in time, her image, in golden and rich-colored mosaic survives for nearly 1500 years because to look at her and the matching image of her husband, no shrinking violet in terms of his own megalomania, is to look at raw power and sacred majesty.

This is what Hillary has become as her democratic candidacy has spun out of control into an entirely different reallm of ambition, delusion, and re-creation of self and mission.

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