Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sarah Palin gives us all a great reason to give thanks as she gushes vapidly, proving she is great for filling one vacuum with another as turkeys are slaughtered in the background. No, this isn't a Saturday Night Live Sketch.
In fact, the governor should fire her writers! This lame joke has already been done, better! In fact much better!
Ladies and Gentlemen, the infamous WKRP TURKEY DROP!


mud_rake said...

The woman clearly was dropped to earth from Pluto several years ago and recently hatched from the egg.

Anonymous said...

From Engineer of Knowledge
Hello Microdot,
I got the true scoop on this story. The real truth is that after having to listen to Sarah Palin’s screeching and non-coherent talking, the turkeys asked to be killed so they could be put out of their misery. Yes, what is going on behind Governer Titt-Witt is a mercy killing to prevent abuse to animals.