Saturday, November 22, 2008

Special Holiday Cheer Offer!

The American Family Association, of Tupelo, Mississippi, is offering a lighted yard cross to help keep the Christ in Xmas.
Looking for an effective way to express your Christian faith this Christmas season to honor our Lord Jesus? Now you can... with the "Original Christmas Cross" yard decoration.

Light up your front yard, porch, patio, driveway, business, organization or church this holiday season with a stunning Christmas cross.

This beautiful Christmas Cross is 5.5 feet tall, with 210 individual ultra bright lights.
If you act now, your $81.85 lawn cross comes with a copy of Mississippi Burning.

Please note that the Xmas lawn cross is drop shipped from another supplier, so
...if you wish to order other products at this time from the AFA Online Store, please make a seperate (sic) order.


Barb said...

They weren't thinking of the cross burnings --I agree that it's not the best idea with the connotations of history. Perhaps with a Christmas tree behind it. It's still a valid Christian symbol of our redemption --of God's love for us--of RESURRECTION --the gift of Christmas. It was misused by the Klan.

microdot said...

Yes, I'm sure it was an unfortunate "coincidence".
Are you buying one for your lawn?
With a cheery Christmas Tree behind it perhaps gaily decorated with cute little hanging presidents?

mud_rake said...

Mississippi Burning as a bonus for the Xmas lights!


Jeanette said...

Mississippi Burning was a great movie telling of the horrendous acts of killing three people in the civil rights movement. I don't joke about such things.

I do think if someone wants to put a cross in their yard it would be more appropriate to do so at Easter since that's when we celebrate what Christ did on the cross.

Having grown up in the far northeast I don't think of crosses with lights as a symbol of the KKK, but because of this article I will certainly be more cognizant of the fact.

I doubt Jesus cares if we put outside symbols on our lawns or on our bodies. It's what's in our hearts that matters.

microdot said...

Well, frankly, you have to admit that the image of the cross afire that the
special Christmas cross resembles is a little too real to be mere coincidense.
Of course, I don't object to the display of religious imagery on someones lawn,,,,
But, if you are going to defend it, be careful of who you are unwittingly supporting with you defense.

Barb said...

It's not a little too real to be mere coincidence --AFA would in no way be thinking of racism and the Klan in selling lighted crosses for Christmas. You don't know evangelicals if you call them racists --like Mudrake does.

microdot said...

I know evangelicals and I know racists. Why don't you buy one and proudly display it on your lawn to prove you are not a racist?
Buy one, buy two, buy a truckload!
I'm sure you can get a volume discount...I'm sure they'd be happy to make a deal with you.