Sunday, November 02, 2008

Ridiculous Question....

I visited the CNN International Web page today and as I usually do, I checked their poll of the day. Todays question, which required a yes or no answer was "Are Negative Campaign Ads Really Effective?"
How would you answer this question?
To me, the obvious answer is yes. To me, it's too obvious that the main way rumors, inuendo and distorted facts get spread is through negative campaign ads.
Of course they work, when you see figures that show that 70% of the elctorate will say that they get their information from campaign ads.
Of course they work when you read and hear the inane parroting of distorted facts and empty slogans coming out of the mouths of the masses of voters.
When the ad saturation level in the campaign reaches it's ad or two at every commercial break in prime time, it becomes carpet bombing and the heads of the viewers become's like using one of those aluminum mallets to soften a tough piece of meat.
It's hard work to go and try to find out the real facts about anything.
That's why I though CNN's question was pretty lame.


-Sepp said...

"Of course they work, when you see figures that show that 70% of the elctorate will say that they get their information from campaign ads.
Of course they work when you read and hear the inane parroting of distorted facts and empty slogans coming out of the mouths of the masses of voters."

Kind of like the "YES WE CAN" slogan you just posted on muck rake's site?
Inane parroting indeed!

Here is a prime example of an Obama supporter. She thinks she's electing a cross between Jesus Christ and Santa Claus...

She's typical of what I've run into who support Obama. I think she's in for a big disappointment when the car stalls and the bank repos her house!
Any bets on whether she starts calling on the real jesus after that?

steve said...

I know what you're saying, but check this out:

microdot said...

So Sepp, is that a yes or a no...or a qualified maybe if you read the fine print on the bottom of the package?

Thanks for the video link, but if you think that ray of hope somehow justifies the wall of hate that we have had to bear witness to, generated by the extreme rhetoric and rumor mongering by the Republican campaign, then you are not the person you have led me to believe you are.

Look, I will never accept a politician as an ideal or expect perfection. I will be on Obama's case because no politician can deliver on the positions I want, but I believe we have to break the death grip of ideological manipulative conttrol the Republican Party has tried to establish in America. Conservatives use hyperbolic rhetoric to scare people regarding Obama's polularity, referring him to a "Young Black Hitler".
Will you please do a little reading about Fascism and the way it grabs power through the manipulation of fear....
The Conservatives want nothing more than total control and they believe in their right to obtain it by any means neccessary.
I want to break this death grip and I see this as the way of doing it now!
We have very basic differences on the role of goverment and the resposibilities of a goverment to create a society which offers opportunities and basic services which uplift the quality of life for the society as a whole.
I believe we all must bear a portion of this responsibilty and that it only benifits us all in the long run.

I can tell you what I believe in.

Anonymous said...

I have also heard the Hitler comparisons. No, I don't think he has Hitler type plans but, there are simularities that have been noticed since they were both pretty much nobodys who popped out of the woodwork and bedazzeled the masses with great oratory skills that honed in on what the people wanted to hear.
I never said the video justifies anything. The woman in the video is just typical of the clowns who are voting for Obama that I run into daily. Hope and optimism are great but, these folks have crossed over into the realm of idol worship and fanaticism.
Seriously, you can point at the GOP and say "hate" but, you've never come across an Obama supporter in person who has the starry-eyed vacant stare! Tell them you don't like Obama and you'll get a quick lesson in what hate really is! They will act as if you've just blasphemed God and literally go nuts!
The only other people I've ever seen acting like this are the religous zealot nutjobs.

In my personal oppinion, I think the government already has too much power. Electing anyone who would grant it (themselves) more power is counter to what this country was founded on. Neither candidate has said a word about dumping the patriot act or, reeling the government's spying on the people. Taxes aren't my main concern when I'm seeing the police state germinating into a weed we won't be able to control.
LOL, France might be a pretty good venue to be in!


microdot said...

Sepp, when this election is over, I will start posting more about France... Wait till you hear about Sarko's Edvige project...!!!
This is an attempt at total control and the biggest problem France has to face. It's a good thing the little runt has gotten his face slapped as President of the EU...his term will be over at the end of December.
The next president will the President of The Cxech Republic and Sarko has gotten himself in hot watter by publically stating that he isn't "qualified" to carry out the law projects for Europe that Sarko has envisioned!

Anonymous said...

The Edvige project is a patriot act clone and should be resisted with everything you've got!
Also be wary of anything he tries to float that is supposed to be against "homegrown terrorism" that allows the govt to define "terrorism" into anything they want it to mean (HB1955) is the american version.
They have gotten pretty clever at naming bills that sound like "getting the bad guys" when they're simply the opposite.