Monday, November 17, 2008

Through The GOP Looking Glass

Here's a nifty little video by Bluegal from The Aristocrats blog. This was up yesterday morning on crooksandliars. This is a take on the state of the Republican party, the debacle of the Republican governors conference, which if you didn't notice was not attended by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Arnold was on television yesterday talking about how the Democrats seem to have the ideas America was looking for regarding their future. I also heard the Govenator on BBC World radio last night talking about the California Fires. He stated that in his opinion the cycle of fires which california is experiencing in a more rapid fashion is being triggered by climate change and the time to stop playing games about global warming is over.
He did his part, playing Ah-nold the Govenator at a rally for McCain in Ohio in the last days of the Presidential campaign, but that was his only appearance for McCain.
With his rather fervent statements about Proposition 8 in Califirnia being equal to the miscentigation laws regarding mixed race marriage, and his stance on enforcing California's clean air laws, he has come under very heavy criticism from the Conservatives.
The Conservative far right has seized the brain of the Republican Party. The talking heads seriously consider Sarah Palin as the future of the party. She might make head Jeerleader, but she only delivers sound bites. Besides, after the Alaskan senatorial election is decided for Democrat Mark Begnich, she is gong to have to work hard just for her own political futue in her home state. The only person approaching the level of actually stating party strategy and trying to speak to the public is RUSH LIMBAUGH!

I'm beginning to susp[ect that Schwarzenegger might just defect, if not for his own conscience, perhaps for the sake of his marriage.

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