Thursday, November 20, 2008

Todays Sponsor

That's right folks! Todays sponsor of the Brainpolice is
I'd like to say a few words, here, these people obviously represent everything
that's fucked up with America. The only reason the poor pig in the middle made the
picture was that he was getting turned over for his bed sores, God bless him.
The whole family looks like they'd be a lot more comfortable in
overalls, a bib and velcro shoes.


Anonymous said...

From Engineer of Knowledge
Hello Microdot,
Well this is just too good to be true. The Blithering Blob family that never saw a side of beef that they didn’t like coupled with the Wilderness Tundra Wing Nut Princes; I see nothing but good things for the future of the Republican Party……NOT!!! This is why I am trying to purge these uber religious types from the party. If I am not successful, I can easily work for the Democratic Party again like I did this past election. They can stand around for another 4 years wondering what happened and where did they go wrong.

microdot said...

Actually, I read a piece by a religious right wing babe with a mustache we all know and love and she was talking about the wonderful Huckabee family and their values...
I was wondering which one of the gargantuan sons was the one who tortured and killed dogs and which one was the one who got busted trying to carry a concealed hadgun onto a commercial aircraft earlier this year.

Jeanette said...

Yeah, I heard about the torturing of a dog and I don't go for torturing anyone, animal or human.

I have happened across his show on Fox over the weekend and he is very personable and has guests like Bill Mahr and others who disagree with him politically. The show I watched he was very gracious to those people.