Monday, June 11, 2012

Baby's On Fire

Another piece by Die Antwoord, this is a message from the suburban slum world of your future.
It's interesting in a pathetically amusing way to read the reactions of American hip hop purists (they don't rap right...they break all the rules...) when confronted by the  brutal futurist brilliant art of Die Antwoord. The Answer...From their new self released recording, TENSION.
This is true cultural fusion/confusion. Like England has been in the past, South Africa is a dysfunctional out of control laboratory environment. This isn't an experiment, this is a steroid infused hyper hot house...condition RED! All the trends of our modern world accelerated and running gleefully and violently amok. This is language beyond words. As my friend, Johnny Bubble said many years ago, 
"It's Hot, It's Wet  and You Can Dance To It!"

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