Friday, June 15, 2012

Polishing That Turd

Daily the constant ploy of Mittens, Fox News and the Republican Lawmakers trying to regain control of the American Government is that George Bush Jr. didn't cause the economic mess we are in. Naw, never was all Obama's fault. And they are doing everything in their power to keep the America reeling in recession while they desperately attempt to dispel the rancid odor of the 8 years of George Bush Jr. They count on the lazy attention span of the American Public and play every greed and envy card in their deck to sow discontent to convince Americans that things under Bush were'nt so bad...They seem to believe that they can polish their own turds and then sell them to far though, it isn't working because Sixty-eight percent of Americans — including 49 percent of Republicans — say President George W. Bush is responsible for the state of today’s economy, a new Gallup poll finds.

Indeed, the country is still reeling from Bush’s disastrous economic stewardship. His irresponsible tax cuts and deregulatory policies have contributed significantly to the slow recovery and are partly responsible for the nation’s economic plight. IOn case you run into anyone who seems to have bought the Republican line, here are 5 undeniable truths that you can throw right back in their faces:

1. Deregulated Wall Street: It was a great time to be a Wall Street executive during the Bush administration. Sweeping financial deregulation helped build the housing bubble and allowed financial institutions to pursue risky trades unchecked. In fact, Bush eliminated the rules that allowed Wall Street to cause the financial crash that plunged the nation into the Great Recession.

2. Cut Taxes For The Wealthy: The Bush tax cuts — over 50 percent of which benefited the richest 5 percent of American taxpayers — cost about $2.5 trillion over the decade after they were enacted. Ten years later, Bush’s tax cuts are still the main driving factor of the national debt:

3. Ran Up A Tab On Two Wars: The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost the country trillions of dollars. Combined with Bush’s tax cuts, war spending was a main factor in blowing up the deficit and spending the surplus accumulated under Clinton. Lawmakers now use the deficit as an excuse for inaction.

4. Left Homeowners In A Lurch: While Bush was happy to help out the banks in the wake of the housing crisis, he did little to assist struggling homeowners. Hope For Homeowners, Bush’s proposal to assist those struggling with their mortgages, was a colossal failure; in its first six months, it helped just one homeowner renegotiate his mortgage. Many mortgage holders — 15.7 million or, one in three — are still underwater today.

5. Weakened Workers: Bush weakened worker safety regulations and collective bargaining rights under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Department of Labor throughout his time in office. Today, corporations are back to making record profits, while workers’ incomes are falling.

They can scrub, spritz and polish all they want, there are no whiteners and brighteners that will ever be able to dispel the rancid stench of 8 years of George Bush Jr....
Idealized Republican Representation of George Bush Jr.
after GOP miraculous sanitizing process. The actual George Bush Jr. may not resemble
depiction on label and we are not liable if the results you see after
electing Mittens does not resemble artists depiction of the product.

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squatlo said...

The legacy of GWB is the "gift" that keeps on giving. Kind of like herpes. It's never really gone, still pops up at all the wrong times, and you're reminded of the drunken mess you were the night you became "infected".

Thanks, Soopreems. Why not toss in a good dose of Citizens United to see to it we're never pestered by actual democracy again, while you're at it?