Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Tart aux Fraises

I was trying to pick the sexiest photo of this tart.  I think the red on red wins. I haven't posted much about gardening, though I just took some pics of the wildly obscene goat orchids in the garden, which I will publish later. It's been a very difficult gardening year. too hot, too cold, too dry, too much water...things just seem to be getting under way now and I am in the midst of some fairly herculean tasks.
My raspberries really suffered from the late profound freezes we had, but are beginning to set fruit. On the other hand, the winter freezes seemed to do something for the vitality of the roses. Incredible, everywhere.
And, I have never had such an abundance of strawberries. I have worked hard to get them to produce, but nature did a lot with the conditions. We have been making strawberry ice cream and freezing it. Last night, we had this classic Tart aux Fraises. You want the recipe?
Make some Pate Sablee and prebake it for the crust This is for a 25 cm tart. You really need a low tart pan for this! The kind with a removeable bottom is the best.
The Crust:
Mix together 125 g. of soft unsalted butter (actually, I melt the butter, but you have to let it cool down before you mix it with the flour and sugar or the crust will be tough.)
250 g. of flour
100 g. of sugar
1 egg

I press it into the tart pan, poke it with a fork and bake it at about 375 for say 15 minutes...until it is golden!
While it is cooling, you need to make a batch of creme patissiere:
2.5 cl of milk
75 gr of sugar
10 gr of flour
15 gr of cornstarch
1 egg
a quarter teaspoon of vanilla

Mix together the sugar, flour, cornstarch and the egg.
Bring the milk to a boil and add the vanilla. Then add the sugar and flour, egg and cornstarch and cook it for 2 to 3 minutes. It will thicken. Cool it down and when it is cool, spread it in the cooked tart crust.

Then arrange the fresh strawberries...the littler berries in the tart are wild strawberries which grow like a ground cover here! Then glaze it. Here, I used our home made raspberry/cassis jelly heated and thinned with a little water, but the professionals use thinned red currant jelly. Voila.......

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Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
Love the photo and Strawberries are my favorite fruit.

Now on the other hand, I have dated some tarts but that was while I was going through my wilder days……but that’s another story isn’t it.