Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Big Daddy Day

I saw this movie, KickAss, on a trans atlantic flight and it still is one of my favorite films of all time. It really works as a fantasy film that interfaces with real human emotion and reality. I watched it again recently and I still walk away feeling like a totally inept adolescent amateur superhero, but I know I can kick ass. My dad never went as far as shooting me in the chest with a Glock to teach me to be fearless, but he taught me that you can take a lot of kickin and still keep on tickin....Nicholas Cage is brilliant as Big Daddy!
Happy Big Daddy Day to all the Big Daddies out there!


squatlo said...

Gotta admit, I've never even heard of this one... and while I'm up, it certainly looks disturbing enough to be interesting.

microdot said...

Great contemporary comic book escapist fantasy. The characters are unforgettable. It's so totally unique that there could never be a kickass 2 sequel.