Friday, June 22, 2012

The Biggest Bestest Twit Money Can Buy

David Cameron has never hidden the fact that he does not like Francois Hollande, the new Socialiste
President of France. He snubbed meeting Hollande before the election at the request of Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkle. His governments economic policies are directly contradictory of Hollandes. Britain is dead set on a course of Austerity and cuts in social services which only seem to be stifling any economic growth and only widening the real class gap between the very wealthy and the rest of Britain. Hollande, to be fair, is an economist. He taught economics and is an expert on the depression and FDR. He seems to be very friendly with Joseph Stiglitz and the policies of his government are dedicated to preserving the social structure and services and more so, equalizing the tax rates and bringing down the cost of living for the lower and middle classes. 
The biggest and bestest damn twit Rupert Murdoch's
money could ever buy
England is selling itself off to the highest bidder. The police system is on the verge of being privatized and taken over by the scandal ridden G4S Private Security Firm triggering the recent huge demonstrations by the police who stand to lose their jobs and benefits. In a recent report, the percentage of malnourished students in British Schools has risen dramatically and cuts of education are a daily fact of life. The National Health System is reaching a breaking point. More and more Brits are coming to France to take advantage of the quality health care....No wonder Cameron and Sarkozy got along so well. They were birds of feather.
One of the positions Hollande is promoting is raising the Tax Rate on incomes of over 1 million Euros a year eventually to 75%. This flies in the face of everything Camerons Tory Government stands for. It's very interesting to compare the  social prep school bullying stories about Cameron with Mitt Romney's privileged Michigan prep school bullying history. They sound like they could become gang members and this should not be encouraged!. 
An Interesting aside: Yesterday, the Socialiste French Government questioned the need for France's Nuclear Arsenal. This in the wake of false economic figures presented by the Sarkozy Regime. Sarko seems to have seriously mislead the public on the actual deficit. The Socialistes claim that if France's Nuclear Arsenal was disbanded, the savings would more than cover any expansion in social programs.
 Back to Cameron on Monday after a nice little lunch and "chillaxing (his term)" with a few too many margueritas at The G20 meeting in Los Cabos, Mexico. In a comment in front of an audience, the slightly inebriated Prime Minister proved what a real embarrassment he is by insulting Hollande directly with the statement, 
"When France sets a 75 percent top income tax rate we will roll out the red carpet, and we will welcome more French businesses which will pay their taxes in Britain," he said, "That will pay for our public services and our schools."
Maybe we can chalk this up to Camerons alleged drinking habits, after all it was only a week ago that he forgot his 8 year old daughter in a pub...not discovering the lapse until he got home...
I think Cameron needs to be reminded of the history of Pre World War 2 France, and how the Socialiste Government of Leon Blum was sabotaged by the French corporations and bankers who were invited to move their industry and fortunes to Hitler's Germany to save themselves from the rigors of Socialiste Equality.....
Cameron and his Conservative Government seemed to have come into power on the wave of Murdoch controlled media blitz. As a result, England sinks deeper into recession. There is no force coming up from the bottom as everything is siphoned off for the rich, who are taking their industry out of Britain. It's the same idiotic cycle that created the crisis, unregulated financing and predatory government sanctioned profit making strategies for the corporations. They seem to be closing in on themselves in more repressive laws to contain the unruly masses...Murdoch seems to have convinced the Brits that they now have the Biggest and Bestest Twit his money could buy. Maybe if the Brits luck out, Cameron will win the Twit Competition and actually run over himself with his car the next time.


dennis hodgson said...

"Twit" is too polite a word to use when referring to David Cameron, but I can't think of a polite equivalent for what I have in mind.

microdot said...

He's still hanging around with Sarko...these guys need to be depantzed and spanked by hefty drag queens publicly.

He's a posh twit, and an extremely dangerous one.

Graham Dawson said...

Thanks for the post!