Friday, June 22, 2012

David Cameron Won't Much Like The Tone Of This

This is Stephane Hessel, the 95 year old humanitarian, diplomat hero of the French Resistance whose book Indignez-Vous, translated into 18 languages and counting, led the best sellers list here in France for almost 2 years. I've written about Hessel (here, here and also here, and here)_ before and he is the real godfather of the Occupy Movements all over the world. His book is available in English as, Time For Outrage.
In this video, Hessel is promoting the ideas of a new movement in France, led by a coalition of Left activists, politicians, economists and philosophers called Roosevelt2012.
The policy statement of Roosevelt2012 is simple:

"Each of us can change the world. Although it has no power, even if it has not the slightest importance, each of us can change the world "Havel wrote a few weeks after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

In 1989, they are women and men "without the slightest importance" that changed the course of history. Twenty years later, the neoliberal system collapsed in turn. It is we, the citizens, to say to what society we want to live. Society of injustice and chaos or society of balance and ease of use? The choice is ours. For us to act."

The organization promotes social justice and realistic human economic solutions as a way to transform our economies and society. Francois Hollande, the President of France is a supporter of the movement and has repeatedly spoken of his desire to re energize and transform France with a 21st Century version of FDR's New Deal. Hollande was an economics professor and has made the Great Depression and the FDR programs that were responsible for restarting and transforming the American economy the focus of his study and ideas.
There are 15 concrete proposals in the program and priority projects that are designed to reform and save our societies economically. Here is a link to translated version of the's worth reading the program. Thousands of people have joined the movement here. Perhaps you might be interested in joining and learning more about how the ideas can be applied to your country.

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