Sunday, June 10, 2012

Your Next Liar In Chief?

DJ and social commenter Jay Smooth, whose work can be found at WBAI 99.5 FM in New York,, YouTube and NPR, argues that people should be much more afraid of Mitt Romney than they currently are. In his latest web video, Smooth makes the case that Romney is comparable to Woody Allen's character in the movie Zelig, in that he morphs into a copy of the people he is surrounded by.
Smooth points out that, according to Colin Powell, Romney has been surrounding himself with the worst people who were associates of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Cheney's associates, in particular, were architects of much of the worst policy that was put upon the country during the Bush administration. Smooth says that Romney's greatest power is to appear to not be particularly offensive or dangerous, but that if he surrounds himself with this group of people, we are likely to see a return to the types of policies that got us in so much trouble in the last decade, and that people should be much more afraid of this outcome than they currently are.
The real story of the Republican Presidential campaign, up to now has been the constant clammering of Romney's opponents, Gingrich, Trump, Perry...the entire clown bus screaming that Romney is a liar. But that is beginning to be seen as his real asset. He is morally unencumbered of any need to tell the truth. 
His biggest detractors in his party all are supporters now and seem to admire his naked aggressively driven ambition to buy the presidency at any cost. The alternative news services, the mainstream news services daily point out his shoveling of heaping loads of baldface lies in speech after doesn't matter. It doesn't matter to them that his campaign can't spell America...because he seems to be running for the leadership of an alternative place in another universe called Amercia.
I pointed this out earlier in a post on the Mormon doctrinal position of the the need to tell the truth. The truth is just an inconvenient detail when you are trying to subjugate an unruly planet. 
But, let's go a little deeper. Here is Mitt talking about his religion:

One of they key tenets of the LDS Church is that in 1820, God appeared to Joseph Smith. In fact, what differentiates Mormonism form other religions is the fact that they believe that God has spoken to, and through prophets from Joseph Smith and Brigham Young to Gordon B Hinckley and Thomas S Monson.
In fact, they also believe that there are other General Authorities that speak with God. They believe in personal revelation -- the concept that God can speak to them to guide them in their lives.

So why, in 2007, did Mitt Romney tell a Boston TV station in 2007 that he didn't think God had spoken to anyone since Moses?
Surely Missionary Mitt taught the first vision to people in France. He probably even taught them about living prophets on the earth today speaking with God.
So, does Mitt Romney really believe that God hasn't spoken to anyone since Moses?
Or is he willing to lie about ANYTHING to become President, even his religion?

I think the answer is clear.


Laci The Dog said...

It's shit like this that makes me glad to get the hell out of Dodge.

First Michigan
Now the country

microdot said...

I have gone through a period of being so pissed off at American politics and immersed in French politics that I could hardly write or think logically about the subject.
I'm actually breathing easier today after the first tour of the legislatives here in France. It really looks as if France will have a legislature that will have the power to enact a leftist agenda.
Instead of Super Pacs pitted against Super Pacs...the voters hear really seem to have a voice. There was an 87% turnout in my commune today and we voted overwhelmingly Socialiste.
I'm so glad I got the hell out of Dodge!