Saturday, August 14, 2010

STOP MAKING SENSE! Another priceless white trash moment

I'm a frikkin Repubican and I don't have to make sense!
Now git offa muh lawn!


Anonymous said...

Hey Microdot,

It's hard to believe that AC wasn't buying that bullshit theory when an anonymous poster, Tony even posted compelling evidence on a website. That was entertaining to say the least. Why don't these people study local protocol and customs when they visit other planets?


Engineer of Knowledge said...

Typical Texas Republicans Politics and soon the rest of the nut jobs proclaiming to be under the mantle of Conservative will be repeating the same.

A plethora of Dumb Asses–a-Blooming

darkblack said...

Good of Lone Star Louie to handbomb a steamy feast of corn-coated un-truths out of his secure undisclosed ass in front of America's eyes, perhaps after a few delectable libations such as to be found in Rush Limbaugh's lingerie drawer.

Who needs facts when you have a VERY LOUD VOICE, hmm?


microdot said...

That's the bottom line, I'd have to say.
Truth? what does it matter?
Hysterical bullshit will always take on a life of its own after it's spouted in front of big enough audience.
Myself? what do I think?
I’m scared of the future,
I’m scared of the past.
I’m nervous at the moment.