Monday, August 23, 2010

Start The Revolution

Any Revolution Has To Start With You


mud_rake said...

I've been a virtual revolutionary most of my life. Now, however, as I approach my 70's, I suspect that neither France nor America has the will for such stuff. And so, 'revolutions' will remain virtual.

microdot said...

My point in posting this, besides the gret graphic idea, is that we are all the germination of action. I don't care what you are in favor's never over until you give it up...
Very interesting political news here today, the catholic church has repudiated sarko and his policies!
The fervent catholics here are the backbone of the UMP, his party.
I supect in September, we will see a real return of De Villepin and real internal party warfare that will only do the Greens and the Socialist much good.

Anonymous said...

Hi Microdot,

Speaking of the Catholic Church, in a few short weeks, it will be the deadline of our bet that Ratso would begin to relinquish his sacred thumb screws. I didn't think he would be going anywhere. I did think he would throw some other robed figure under the bus, but I am not sure if that even happened. If you replace the word shrubbery with impressive graphics-design album cover in the following video, all is covered. Something nice, not too expensive.


microdot said...

Sir, you is correct...I have losted the bet. Benny's still wearin his red Prada pope shoes and just had to throw a few cardinals and bishops under the bus.
He's on my good side today after officially condemning the Sarkozy French Racist government over their deportation policies and totally illogical and illegal crack down on gypsies...
We shall discuss the parameters of my forfeit as I am an honorable scoundrel if nothing else.
Shrubbery...does that rhyme with buggery?

-Sepp said...

Odd how the Left's revolutionary to emulate is always Che...a communist executioner for Castro.
Seriously, how you guys can babble about freedom, civil rights and, dissent and use this scumbag as your posterboy is beyond logic.
Your history revisionism likes to pretend that he wouldn't have executed you too if you dared display an oppinion that wasn't compliant.
Che...the posterboy for liberal tolerance, compassion, and civil liberty...and fairness! He never shot anyone more often than another!

microdot said...

Lighten up, Sepp, I have been involved in many discussions involving Che Guevera, but this is not one of them. It was a conceptual graphic idea.
It's amazing how you can humorlessly scrape the bottom of the barrel to make your dullard comment and totally miss the point.
You seem to be able to shape any reality to fit your preconcieved opinions.
Well, you gotta live with yourself, unfortunately!

-Sepp said...

I just find the humor in all the liberals who swear up and down they aren't socialists or, communists but, use Che's image as every opportunity to promote something "liberal".

Yes, I should "lighten up" and maybe wear a Hitler shirt to Poland or, a Milosevic shirt to Bosnia or, a KKK shirt to Detroit? I'll get a pass after I explain to the folks that it's all just a joke! Some lighthearted humor aimed at human suffering!
What I seriously find funny is that leftists will promote their Che gear almost everywhere...EXCEPT in Florida! You guys seem to lose the bravado to be Che-leaders when you enter an area where folks have family members who were murdered by that thug!
Next time you're stateside, wear your Che-gear down in Miami...and if anyone is offended, you can just tell them to "lighten up"...executioners are funny!

Heres a question for you,
Why are leftist mass muderers like Stalin, Lenin, Castro, Pol-pot, Che and, Mao always managing to get a pass from the liberal left as if history never happened?

Other murderers are worthy of your scorn...why not those guys?
They murdered people on massive scales but, I can go to almost any liberal website and read pro-Che crap.
I can go to liberal stores online and buy "Che-shirts" and Mao bookbags as well as just about any pro-stalinist book or, soviet state reproduction crap.

So in all seriousness MD, what makes leftist mass murderers icons worthy of worship?

And how is it acceptable to liberals to offend the victims or, their families by wearing or promoting that crap? Since they were murdering people in the name of leftism, the ends justify the means?
In my oppinion anyone who is wearing / promoting that shit is EXACTLY the same caliber of SHIT as even the lowest level of neo-nazi scum.
Che is just as offensive to many of my Cuban friends as Hitler is to your French friends.
Heres an idea,
Wear a pro-nazi shirt to a Maquis reunion...and tell them they need to "just lighten up" and get over themselves...and let us know how that worked out!